2015 Click Away Streaming Videos Bundle

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Exclusive! All Click Away Streaming Recordings! Over 12 hours of learning!

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Featuring live shooting demonstrations with models and hands-on education from some of the best in the industry, this bundle of recordings from Click Away 2015 includes over 12 hours of recorded programming on a wide range of topics including photographing children outdoors, posing seniors, using light to create stunning images, working with couples, family photography, infusing emotion into your work, and much more. Watch full programs from Sue Bryce, Lisa Tichane, Kellie Bieser, Candice Zugich, Holli True, Kate T. Parker, Jesh de Rox, Bre Thurston, Kristin Dokoza, and Jackie Jean Acosta. Plus a special bonus program! See five presenters as they demonstrate on-location shooting at San Antonio's Mission San Jose during beautiful golden hour light.

Program Descriptions:

Lisa Tichané - Life in Motion: Infusing Movement in Family Portraiture:
In this program, join Lisa Tichané as she shares how to photograph families as they really are (full of life!), and discover how you can bring your photography (and your business) to the next level by doing so.

(approx. length: 1 hour, 13 minutes)

Kellie Bieser - The Playful Photographer: Creative Children's Portraits:
Learn how to interact with children so that you can create portraits that not only capture their faces, but also their unique personalities! In this program with Kellie Bieser, you will see Kellie demonstrate how she works with children and gain hands-on shooting experience.

(approx. length: 53 minutes, 45 seconds)

Candice Zugich - Awakening Your Artistic Soul: The Power of Emotionally Driven Photography:
Join Candice Zugich for an emotionally driven program that will leave you confident in who you are and where you're headed in your artistic journey. Candice will share with how to emotionally connect with your own true inner artist, because when you can connect with yourself you can better create art pieces for your clients and yourself.

(approx. length: 1 hour, 27 minutes)

Holli True - Flow-Posing for Teens and High School Senior Portraits:
Learn how to simplify your shooting workflow by incorporating flow-posing in your teen and high school senior portrait sessions. Join Holli True in understanding how making small adjustments to the pose, angle, crop and perspective, will yield multiple sellable images in a fraction of the time.

(approx. length: 1 hour)

Kate T. Parker - Before and After: Developing an Artistic Voice That's Impossible to Ignore:
Join Kate T. Parker to learn some of the introspective and practical steps you can take to guide positive transformations in crafting stronger images, discovering and defining yourself as an artist, and developing a confident, pervasive voice on social media.

(approx. length: 1 hour, 11 minutes)

Jesh de Rox - Anything is Possible: Intro to the World of Moment Design:
In a world with more than six billion cameras, what are you offering your clients that they can't do for themselves? Beloved photographers go beyond capturing beautiful moments: they collaborate with their clients to create them.

(approx. length: 1 hour, 32 minutes)

Bre Thurston - Working with Couples: How to Pose, Shoot, and Interact:
Join Bre Thurston in this interactive program to learn the ins and outs of working with couples, whether during an engagement session, a wedding, or a family shoot. Bre will demonstrate how she interacts with couples and how the photographer's vibe sets the tone for the entire session.

(approx. length: 55 minutes, 52 seconds)

Sue Bryce - Finding Beauty:
Join decorated glamour photographer Sue Bryce in this empowering Closing Talk covering how you grow in self confidence, build big dreams, walk courageously towards your hearts calling and smash down the blocks that threaten to stop you over and over again.

(approx. length: 1 hour, 18 minutes)

Kristin Dokoza - How to Rock the Light and Location You are Given:
Have you ever shown up to a new location and worried about how you were going to find the best light? Join Kristin Dokoza in this introductory course on how to see and use available light creatively.

(approx. length: 55 minutes, 16 seconds)

Jackie Jean Acosta - Secrets of Creative Child Portraiture:
Join Jackie Jean Acosta for this program focused on taking children's portrait work to the next level of creativity and fun.  Working with child models, Jackie will demonstrate how she uses minimal props to create a story.  She will show you how to focus on interacting with and directing children in a way which will result in a variety of stellar images in a single location.

(approx. length: 1 hour, 5 minutes)

Golden Hour Shooting Experience Highlights from Mission San Jose with Elizabeth Blank, Krista Campbell, Mickie DeVries, Stephanie Lemmon and Jessica Thomason:
Watch the highlights from these inspiring programs:
Elizabeth Blank - The Golden Child: Embracing the Light!
Krista Campbell - Unforgettable Senior Photography
Mickie DeVries - Backlighting with Atmosphere
Stephanie Lemmon - Let Your Light Shine: Beautiful Children's Stylized Portraiture
Jessica Thomason - Family Photojournalism: When You Only Have an Hour

(approx. length: 53 minutes, 27 seconds)


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  • 5
    Wonderful opportunity!

    Posted by Meg on 21st Nov 2015

    This was a great opportunity to learn alongside of the pros with the added bonus of replaying over and over again! Cannot recommend it enough!

  • 5
    Love these!!

    Posted by Jen on 6th Nov 2015

    These videos are so great. I have taken a lot of classes and learned so much but I always want to see the instructor in action on a shoot and these allow me to do that. I've gotten a much better idea about how to talk during a shoot and what to say to get people to pose the way you are picturing it. Plus, it gives me info in so many different areas- seniors, families, couples, etc. As someone searching for their niche this is really helpful. So glad I purchased it!

  • 5

    Posted by Junneen on 26th Oct 2015

    I was unable to attend Click Away this year(next year for sure) but really wanted to see some of the speakers! I'm so happy that you created this bundle, after watching only three of them I have a whole new motivation to keep shooting and expand myself creatively! I can't wait to watch the rest! Thank you so much for putting this together! Love U CM!

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