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Featuring live shooting demonstrations with models and hands-on education from some of the best in the industry, this bundle of recordings from Click Away 2016 held in Seattle, Washington includes over 12 hours of recorded programming on a wide range of topics including photographing families outdoors, building a profitable business, creating beautiful light, storytelling with video, posing seniors, working with couples, capturing children, being your authentic self, and much more.


Program Descriptions:

Yan Palmer - Truth in Family Photography: Photo Sessions that Fill Your Heart and Set You Apart

Six years into her life as a family photographer, Yan wanted to quit. Not only did she not like herself as an artist, but she found herself not even liking herself as a person — and that, she knew, had to be fixed. She resolved to become more honest and attentive with herself, and in the process she began capturing families in a truthful and precious way. In this illuminating photography talk, Yan will help photographers identify how to stop running the wrong race in a saturated market of family photographers and show you instead how to harness both your brightness and your darkness to create the best kind of art: the kind built from truth. She’ll motivate you to speak your own truth and to engage with your family clients through honesty and love. She’ll share practical tips and tricks for interacting with clients from start to finish, capturing real moments in a fresh and pure way, and delivering art that families will cherish. Come learn how to tap your own truth and direct both your heart and mind to create meaningful family photos that will keep clients coming back and keep you fulfilled not only as an artist, but as a person. (approx. length: 1 hour, 23 minutes)

Meg Loeks - Create the Light You Desire

Students will be taught how to manipulate light in an indoor setting in this group shooting program with young children. From creating pockets of light by using flags to embracing low light, students will find ways to creatively change their light source in a single setting. Students will be encouraged to study how light can dramatically change by altering angles and compositions. Finally, students will also discover how to use props to keep a child engaged in desired light. (approx. length: 1 hour, 02 minutes)

Michelle Moore - Successful Senior Photography: Creating a Senior Portrait Brand that Teens Will Love

Join Michelle Moore as she shares how she created a niche senior portrait industry and grew her business to have a massive word-of-mouth following in her city of Seattle. She’ll discuss the ins and outs of running a senior portrait business, and how to market yourself to create a lasting brand that your clients will love. Michelle will take you step by step through her techniques on how to build your brand, as well as how to think about your online presence to market towards your ideal client. She’ll share her favorite marketing tips, and ways to reach your teen client when you are just starting out or trying to break into a new market. Michelle will discuss the importance of working with a professional makeup artist and the logistics of incorporating pro makeup for seniors into your business model. Plus, she’ll cover her senior rep program details! Lastly, Michelle will demonstrate her top posing tips with a senior model so you can see first hand how to create the images that sell. (approx. length: 1 hour, 30 minutes)

Danielle Hatcher - Creative Family Shoot in the City

This fun, hands-on family session will walk you through how I approach an outdoor family session. We will talk about getting “safe” family shots while also feeding your artistic need to create something rewarding for yourself. I will discuss many of my most commonly used compositional and lighting techniques, as well as ways to get creative during a family session, including freelensing, shooting through things, introducing lens flare, and more. We will walk and talk through the streets of Seattle, while shooting a super fun family in a way that will get your creativity flowing. (approx. length: 57 minutes)

Brooke Shaden - Blank Wall to Beautiful Space: Creating from the Ground Up
During this program, attendees will learn about how using the simplest tools paired with big dreams shaped Brooke’s art, career, and life. A live demonstration of shooting against a blank wall will go from boring to extraordinary through image compositing and editing techniques. Attendees will be walked through that shoot from start to finish, proving that art can be created anywhere if you have a few simple tools in your belt.
(approx. length: 1 hour, 39 minutes)
Virginia Greuloch - The Power of Play: Capturing Authenticity in Children and Family Portraiture
Capturing a child’s true personality is not an experience reserved just for lifestyle and documentary photographers. Every parent wants you to capture their child’s authentic self and his or her real connection to their family. They want to see the real smiles, not the “for-the-camera” smiles. They want the session to be relaxed and as fun-filled as possible for the entire family. Join Virginia Greuloch as she demonstrates how to use child-led methods in a photography session with a child. Capture the child’s authentic joy while incorporating movement to create modern children’s portraiture. Creating opportunities for children and families to play together can give families memories that will last forever – and not just because it was the day that the photographer was there. They will remember that it was a day that they came together to laugh and to play and to love each other. Learn how to use the power of play in this shooting demo/group shoot program with kids in order to make a portrait photography session that will create images and memories that last a lifetime.
(approx. length: 1 hour, 01 minutes)
Amy Cyphers and Kim Bear - Storytelling with Video: Incorporating Video into Photo Session

Capturing life in motion will set you apart in your market and offers your client an exclusive portrait experience which will be treasured and shared. In this session we will cover why and how to incorporate video into the sessions you are currently doing for your clients. We will discuss basic camera settings for video, and how to capture both stills and video in one session through thoughtful storyboarding. Learn how we create motion and emotion in your sessions to make both stunning stills and captivating video. We will be working with a family in a live shoot to demonstrate simple techniques to add video into your session without sacrificing the sellable shots. We will cover adding varied camera angles, sounds, and licensed music for polished products. Finally, we will show how to incorporate video into your current product offerings and how to use it to advertise your studio. (approx. length: 1 hour, 12 minutes)

Sandra Coan - Three Things You Need to Know to Build a Six Figure Business 

Many of us are great photographers, but feel lost when we decide to turn our photography into a business. The truth is running a business is really hard work. And running a profitable business is harder still. I have been a photographer for 16 years, and in that time I have gone from a girl with a borrowed camera, charging $100 for a portrait session, to the owner of one of Seattle’s most successful portrait studios. Building the business of your dreams, the one that allows you to do what you love and make a great living doing it, is absolutely possible. But to build that business there are three super important things you MUST know. Join me to learn these secrets, and finally have the business you always dreamed about. (approx. length: 1 hour, 44 minutes)

Anita Martin - Capturing Honest Joy in Couples
This program would be designed towards photographers looking to connect with their clients on a deeper level and capture pure joy. To me, couples sessions are meant to be fun and show off quirky, beautiful relationships. I feel that everyone looks better with a smile, especially couples! I will give a variety of posing tips to create natural movement and expression while focusing on the connection between the couple. I will provide information on interacting with couples to get authentic joy and love in every image. I will share information on engagements, weddings, booking clients, keeping clients happy, and answer any questions about from attendees during my presentation. This class will start with a brief introduction into the world of engagement and wedding photography. As we begin the shooting demonstration we will discuss how to quickly scout a location to see beautiful light, where to place couples in that light, and how to begin using their connection with each other to achieve a feeling of authenticity in their images. There is a level of trust that needs to be earned during a session so the clients feel safe to be themselves and show off the happiness they feel in their relationship, and I will go over how I work to earn and keep that trust. (approx. length: 55 minutes)

Me Ra Koh - To Stretch But Not Break

We step into the creative process volunteering to be stretched as we risk, create, learn and build dreams. But many of us hit a glass ceiling. We’re afraid of the breaking point.  How far can one stretch before things begin to break? We begin with inspiration, we build with momentum, and then we feel the heavy weights of fear, doubt, guilt and uninspired creativity. We stand at a crossroads. Our children wait to see which direction we will go, our spouse and friends offer their best advice, but we’re unsure of what the options even are. Join Me Ra Koh, Disney host and Sony Artisan, for this candid, inspiring and transparent keynote about allowing our creative spirits to be stretched but not broken. (approx. length: 1 hour, 38 minutes)









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  • 2
    Glad I purchased, but was expecting something different.

    Posted by Emily on 17th Aug 2017

    I have never attended a Click Away before, but have always wanted to. I am sure in person the conference has a lot more to offer, but to be honest, watching these videos has made me feel like maybe I'm not actually missing much. I purchased the 2015 and 2016 bundles and have watched all of the videos provided from the 2016. I'm assuming these were the top presentations at the conference, but I only found a few of them worth while. I found two of the "shoot alongs" to be good (the play one and the couples one) and the Me Rah Ko closing presentation to be good. The rest were somewhere from bad to okay. I think I was expecting more PHOTOGRAPHY specific instruction and tips and tricks. A lot of the shoot alongs were just you watching someone else shoot and because you can't see the back of their camera, you don't know what they were capturing, so it was kind of boring. A lot of the lectures were of people telling you how they found themselves and how you can grow as an artist. It was a little too deep for me. I want to take meaningful pictures, not find the meaning in my life. Overall, I am glad I purchased it to know what it was like, and I may attend Click Away in the future to see if the presentations have improved over the years since they no longer offer the option to buy videos, but I definitely don't feel like I am missing out on as much anymore.

  • 5
    I missed out on Click Away.....

    Posted by Unknown on 5th May 2017

    ...so being able to view the videos made me feel like I did not miss it as much! It is always fun to watch how people go about photographing their subjects! I got lots of new tips and tricks!

  • 3
    Just okay

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Dec 2016

    Was expecting a little more. The videos are not done well, you'd think a bunch of photographers and videographers would get some good footage! Haha In some of the videos the background noise is so distracting I can barely concentrate on what the speaker is saying. For the money I paid I expected more information. I did enjoy a couple of them. To each their own.

  • 5

    Posted by Celeste Pavlik on 27th Oct 2016

    Danielle Hatcher worked with a very active family of 5! She shows how she works through a family session, including going to various locations, both urban and park like. Danielle not only discusses why, but how she approaches filling a client gallery; by capturing both the ‘safe’ shots for the grandparents as well as, the types of lifestyle photos her client hired her for. I love how she reveals what elements she looks for before she clicks the shutter, such as compositional elements that will strengthen the photo and really pull the viewer in. I absolutely loved all the tips that she shares regarding how to make the family feel at ease in order to end up with the most relaxed and fun expressions from them. She ends with a beautiful slideshow gallery of the fabulous photos from this session! Danielle is such a talented photographer and it's amazing to see how a session progresses and be able to view the entire gallery at the end. Meg Loeks shoots a sibling session indoors at the Westin hotel using natural light. What I loved about watching Meg work through this session is the fact that the light source, several west facing windows, was quite ordinary, yet the way she used it yielded beautiful and emotive portraits of the two children. She shares excellent tips on how she uses light found within a home during a lifestyle session, including what equipment she brings to each session. I love the way she captures details that I think every parent wants to remember about their little ones. I think it’s incredible how effortless Meg makes a 45min session look. She quickly assessed the lighting situation, created a strong rapport with those little ones, and beautifully takes you through how an entire in home session would work. I highly recommend this video!!