Composing for Depth with Ebony Logins

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Develop your ability to compose with depth and ensure that you never have another “flat” image again!

Ebony will teach you the 7 elements you can use in your images to create depth in your work. Watch her shoot for depth to strengthen her compositions and her story. Then follow along with her as she analyzes depth in other images as well. Learn to incorporate layers, shape, frames, lines, and more to add depth and tell a compelling story! Discover Ebony’s techniques for adding depth to her images with Lightroom in two editing videos.

what you’ll get:


An exclusive eBook that teaches you about the seven elements you can use in your images to create depth.

  • 4 Videos-- you'll go behind the scenes with Ebony in one shooting video, a video analyzing depth in imagery, and two editing videos.

A Closed Captioned copy of the videos for this program is available upon request. Please contact for more information.

*Please note: All items in this listing are digital downloads that must be downloaded to a computer (you may transfer to an iPad after your original download to a computer).  Due to the nature of digital downloads, they are non-refundable.

about your presenter

Ebony Logins is an adventure wedding and elopement photographer based on Vancouver Island in BC, Canada. She is a moment-seeker with an emotive style. You will often find greenery and west coast vibes in her artwork. Ebony loves her Bernedoodle (Balto), long shot espressos, sunrise, and traveling. She is a Clickin Moms Mentor, Click Pro, and instructor at Click Photo School.

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    I am so grateful for this breakout!

    Posted by Kimberly Archambault on 5th Nov 2020

    It came at the perfect time for me! I have been feeling a rut in my creativity and felt that working on different compositions could help create! And I was right! Ebony gives so much great information and I have really been able to push myself to new creative levels by understanding what really draws me in in a photo and in what areas I want to push myself more. I have found so much joy in picking up my camera the last few days as I go through the material. I am seeing things in a new way because of all Ebony is teaching in this breakout! You will not regret it. Thank you Ebony!

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    Wow this is a great breakout .

    Posted by BOBBIE COHLAN on 5th Nov 2020

    Ebony has prepared an amazing pdf . She presents all the different ways to create depth in your photos with perfect photos to illustrate her points as well as ways for you to work on achieving it. There are many videos to go along with the breakout . I love how she refers to our work photos as artwork. There are many ways to achieve depth and tell better stories with our photos and I look forward to applying them. I have learned a lot already and haven’t even completed all the videos. The materials are all laid out very clearly. I appreciate that Ebony has numbered all the videos ( in some other classes I sometimes I find I haven’ t downloaded them all cause they aren’t numbered and I have to go through them again and check I have them all ) I highly recommend this class for anyone who is looking to take their photos from flat to fabulous.

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    I just finished the Composing for Depth .pdf and some of the videos.

    Posted by Megan on 5th Nov 2020

    This Breakout is full of so much information. I have taken quite a few Breakouts over the years. Those that have .pdfs full of info. that pushes the basics I print and put in a binder. This one is going in the binder. The information is easy to understand and in some ways basic, but then there is an a-ha moment. That is what makes it accessible and so worth the money. I don’t feel like I need a new lens or a perfect setting or light to begin to build on what she presents and really push myself. Ebony does a great job of making you bend your brain. My kids are tweens and rarely are the subjects of my photos because they are not very interested. I also do not shoot portraits. I love that everything in this class can be used in any genre. It even gave me some ideas for shooting the kids sports. I cannot wait to get out with my camera this weekend. Also, this is a good one for getting out of a rut and pushing yourself to the next level because Ebony shows you how to look at your subject differently.

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    This breakout will benefit you no matter where you are at in your photography.

    Posted by LaDonna Hoyden on 5th Nov 2020

    It really teaches you how to take your photos to that next level. I love how she goes through each photo and tells you why she did what she did. She is an amazing photographer and I don’t think I will ever take a photo again without hearing her voice telling me to add more depth. ;)

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    This breakout has been by far one of my favorites.

    Posted by Alexandra on 5th Nov 2020

    As soon as I purchased it I couldn’t stop watching. I was able to use some different techniques this past session and it has been P.R.I.C.E.L.E.S.S! I felt like I was able to refine my photography and portray a stronger message. Thank you so much Ebony! You’re amazing!! All I can say is when is your next class, I can’t wait.

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    I have just worked my way through all of the materials from this breakout and all I can say is WOW!

    Posted by Jamie Eilts on 5th Nov 2020

    Ebony went above and beyond in this breakout. From the absolutely stunning PDF to the informative videos and even more fabulous bonus materials, this is a breakout you don’t want to miss. Learning to compose for depth will totally transform your work and take it to a whole other level. Don’t hesitate to purchase this breakout! Worth every penny!

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    Ebony leaves no stone unturned in this break out.

    Posted by Amy Smith on 5th Nov 2020

    She walks you through her stunning pdf image by image explaining her thought process and methods of achieving incredible storytelling and emotive images utilizing the depth within the frame – How she is being intentional and getting the shot she envisioned. Her insight and step by step walk through her editing process to achieve her vision is so valuable as well. She is super organized and the course is very well done. Worth way more than the cost! Don’t miss out!

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