Elements Collection Presets for Lightroom/ACR

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Elements Collection Presets for Lightroom/ACR

Representing Air, Earth, Fire, and Water, this preset pack is an extensive collection of exclusive presets from ClickPros Jyotsna Bhamidipati, Susan Grimes, Karlee Hooper, and Marcie Reif. Featuring 31 color presets and 14 black and white presets, you have a large selection of quick, clean, and streamlined one-click presets. In addition, there are 15 stackable tools and 15 brushes, allowing you to add mood and drama to create countless unique edits. From the richness of the earth, the warmth of fire, the energy of the air, and the mysteriousness of the water, these presets will seamlessly let you edit any range of images. Designed for use with RAW files only.

Air: The Air Collection by Susan Grimes was created to breathe life into your images, accentuating the energy, movement, and adventure that complement the element of Air. This diverse set includes 15 general color and black and white presets and 10 layering tools and “sky filters” that will make any sky, landscape, or macro image come to life. Presets range from crisp and clean, to bold, striking and colorful. This set is designed to speed up your workflow; with stackable presets that give you a huge range of possible edits with just a few clicks. The versatility allows you to quickly do your basic indoor or outdoor edits, but also add drama to every type of sky, bring out the details in your landscape and wildlife images, and make the colors pop in your delicate macro images.

Earth: The Earth Preset Collection by Karlee Hooper is designed to be down to earth. Inspired by different rocks and minerals of the earth, this set is versatile and natural. The Earth Collection includes 5 beautiful color presets and 3 striking black and white presets. With only one click, they add the perfect amount of depth and polish to your images. Also included are 3 brushes and 5 overlays, so you can easily customize the edit on all types of images. The results are subtle, yet impactful, and are sure to become part of your everyday workflow!

Fire: The Fire Collection by Jyotsna (Jyo) Bhamidipati includes a total of 12 color and black and white presets as well as 8 Lightroom brushes for bringing in that extra color pop in your images. All presets are 1-2 clicks as well as customizable and can be tweaked to your liking. Presets in this collection are versatile and can work with any genre including adding rich warm colors in your landscape images or adding that perfect pop of color in your macro and nature images. These presets preserve the rich colors, balance the light and shadows as well as enhance the beautiful skin tones in your images. The color presets work across various styles and lighting conditions as well. The black and white presets are designed to be one click in most lighting situations and enhance the tonal range in your images for all genres and styles.

Water: The Water Collection by Marcie Reif was inspired by her love for beach photography. She loves to be creative with her images and especially with the sunset sky. These presents will allow you a one-click application for all types of light at the beach. Sunny Days is a nice clean edit that will give you beautiful skin tones. However, Silhouette Fire Sky will give a dramatic red sunset sky. The water collection has presets that will give you a subtle edit all the way to dramatic skies. There are 3 black and white presets, 7 color presets, and 4 brushes. Marcie’s favorite brush in the set is water shine. It will give your water a beautiful sparkle that will enhance your photo.


-> Lightroom XMP Presets – for Lightroom Classic 7.3 above, Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) v.13.1

-> Lightroom lrtemplate Presets – for Lightroom 5, 6, Classic CC up to 7.2, & CC desktop

-> Lightroom & ACR Brushes – for all listed versions of Lightroom and ACR.

IMPORTANT: It is very, very beneficial to use the right files for the right version of software. If you have a newer, updated version of Lightroom Classic, please use the xmp files and not the older lrtemplate files. Newer xmp presets will look slightly different from older lrtemplate presets because of newer improved profiles and features.

Due to the nature of the product, we are unable to issue refunds on digital downloads.



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  • 3
    Elements Presets

    Posted by Mjr on 14th Oct 2020

    These are okay, but I’m finding that they dont look anything like the example images. Theyre not the worst presets I’ve ever purchased and I may end up using some of the Black and Whites.

  • 4

    Posted by Lydia on 6th Oct 2020

    I've only had these a few weeks but they have already become some of my go-to presets. Don't think, just buy. This coming from someone who has way too many presets and swore she Wofford buy anymore. I wish I had found these way sooner!

  • 5
    I loved these presets.

    Posted by Holly Aawad on 29th Jan 2019

    The colors were so vibrant, yet natural. They add just the right amount of pop to the images. The brushes add a wonderful finishing touch. The Pop Brush was my favorite!

  • 5

    Posted by Brittany Blake on 29th Jan 2019

    With a combination of the Earth Color and Vignette Presets, I was able to enhance the pretty natural light at a hospital session with ease. The Earth Brighten Brush is perfect for brightening up the subjects, exactly where you want the eye to go. Each image was then copied and converted to black and white with the Earth Black and White Presets. These presets will now be a part of my everyday workflow! Beautiful and simple, the perfect combo.

  • 5
    I 100% love the air presets.

    Posted by Maggie Fuller on 29th Jan 2019

    With just one click these presets provide a clean and colorful edit with richness that I think looks beautiful. The sky overlays work so well and have transformed many of my images! I'm thrilled to have this set of presets at my fingertips as they are making editing so much easier. They are definitely my new go-to presets!!

  • 5
    This is such a wonderful and diverse collection of presets and editing tools!

    Posted by Julie Crim on 29th Jan 2019

    I love the beautiful, vibrant and natural edits these presets provide with only a few clicks. The layerings tools and sky filters in The Air Collection are perfect for adding drama and detail in skies. With such a large number of color and black and white presets, and so many filters, brushes and overlays, the beautiful editing possibilities are endless!

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