Garden Collection Presets for Lightroom/ACR

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Garden Collection Presets for LIGHTROOM/ACR

Uncommonly versatile presets for Adobe Lightroom.

Featuring 12 Color Presets and 11 Light Overlays, Click & Company's new Garden Collection is a luminous set of processing tools designed for the modern portrait, lifestyle & fine art photographer.

Our beautifully crafted Color Presets balance light and shadow, preserve skin tones, and honor beautiful color palettes - from airy pastels to deep jewel tones. Our Light Overlays are designed to be stacked as a complement to existing directional light, to subtly draw the eye towards the subject, or to naturally fill the shadows where light falls off. 

PLEASE READ: Lightroom 6 or higher (now Lightroom Classic CC) required for full product compatibility (Color Presets only require Lightroom 4+). As these are presets (not actions), they are not compatible with Adobe Photoshop but will work in ACR. A separate ACR set of .xmp files included. Due to the nature of the product, we are unable to issue refunds on digital downloads.

Download the Garden Collection User Guide for more samples, workflow suggestions, and processing tips.

The Garden Collection includes: 

Group One: Versatility
ASTER: sunny, polished & dimensional // IVY: elegant, contrasty & clean // LARKSPUR: stylish, balanced & refined 

Group Two: Richness
ELDERBERRY: regal, vivid & deep // FOXGLOVE: warm, rich & coppery // SNAPDRAGON: fresh, vibrant & bold

Group Three: Brightness
BLUEBELL: cool, serene & luminous // DAISY: simple, sunny & understated // MORNING GLORY: radiant, cheerful & pretty 

Group Four: Softness
BUTTERCUP: soft, buttery & modern // HONEYSUCKLE: light, summery & relaxed // PRIMROSE: soft, feminine & chic

OPEN SHADE (set of 3): natural vignette overlay
SUNBEAM (set of 4): directional sunlight overlay
SUNSHOWER (set of 4): diffused sunlight overlay

Product cover image by Danielle Hatcher.


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  • 5
    New "Go-to" Preset

    Posted by Wendy on 11th Sep 2016

    I found my new go to preset with this collection!! Larkspur is my new favorite, only minor tweaking depending on how I shot the image. I love the sunlit presets also!!

  • 5
    I don't like presets

    Posted by Sarah Hodges on 23rd Aug 2016

    I've tried preset packs every now and then but after the initial testing phase, never really use them anymore. This is the first time I have used a set that actually works with my true style, a clean edit with a touch of contrast and color boost. I have found myself using them constantly with my personal work and they really are one click on a solid sooc! I love that they don't touch the white balance or exposure sliders, ensuring I can make those adjustments at whatever point of my workflow that I choose to. The amazing thing is that they work equally well with indoor and outdoor images. I have my favorites, and there are a few I will probably never use, but there is something for everyone here and I've definitely gotten more use out of these already than all the other presets I've bought combined.

  • 5
    Beautiful, natural, easy to adjust presets

    Posted by Mickie DeVries on 16th Aug 2016

    Often times presets are too strong for my taste, but not so with the Garden Collection! I'm so impressed with how well the skin tones are retained and how minimally I need to tweak these to fit my editing style. I definitely will be adding these to my workflow!

  • 5
    Perfect for a clean, colorful edit

    Posted by Erin Brant on 14th Aug 2016

    I never expect presets to look perfect with just one click, but these came pretty darn close! I want my edits to look clean and colorful with just a little bit of richness. I'm so excited to have a tool to help me achieve that quickly and easily! I'm super impressed with the results in a variety of lighting conditions. And the light overlays are such a great little bonus! I'm thrilled to finally have a set of Lightroom presets that allows me to create a beautiful, polished image without any additional steps in Photoshop. Woohoo!!

  • 5
    These Presets ROCK

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Aug 2016

    Finally a set of presets that provide natural brightness and color enhancement to my images! And then let's top it off with true-to-life skin tones AND natural looking greens? YES, please. And the addition of the light overlays is awesome. What an easy way to add a natural pop of light. I am adoring these presets!

  • 5
    Clean, Simple and Beautiful

    Posted by Lauren Mitchell on 11th Aug 2016

    Really in love with these, especially Groups 1 and 2, which work really well with my contrasty images. The best thing about using the presets is that they don't mask my pictures with unrealistic tints and curves, but instead, bring out the richness, vibrancy and color throughout -- showing real life as it was meant to be! Don't mind me, I'll be going back and re-editing a lot of old photos now.

  • 5
    Loving everything about these!

    Posted by Amy Lockheart on 11th Aug 2016

    I haven't found a set of presets that are so versatile! I just love the look that I can achieve with these, and the light overlays are just incredible. I didn't know I *needed* these until I started playing, and now I know these will be my go-to presets for quick and beautiful edits!

  • 5
    With the click of a button

    Posted by Kyla Ewert on 11th Aug 2016

    I'm loving these presets, with just a click or two, I've completed a polished look to my images. The ability to use these presets in all different lighting scenarios is amazing, I have full control over how I want the light to hit my images with the light overlays, and it allows the image to pop. I am loving these.