Limitless: Shooting & editing your photographs for impact with Jen Sebring

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You don’t have to be limited by what’s possible in-camera.

Learn how Jen trained herself to “shoot for the edit” and transform, rather than feeling confined to what the camera can capture. Use movement, emotion, and color to capture your vision, then learn the secrets of a transformative edit. Go behind the scenes in a series of editing videos to learn Jen’s favorite tips and tricks for dramatic edits!

what you’ll get:


A 50+ page ebook filled with Jen's proven shooting methods and powerful editing techniques.

  • 1 shooting video
  • 7 editing videos

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Jen Sebring is a family and child photographer based out of McKinney, TX. She taught middle school for 5 years and gave it all up in 2012 to stay home with her daughter and pursue her love of photography. After 6 years of photographing families, she decided to merge her love of photography and teaching to share what she learned with new photographers! She is now a full-time photography mentor and online teacher.

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    LOVED this breakout -- highly recommend!

    Posted by Kelly Gwathney on 17th Sep 2020

    I watched Jen's editing and shooting videos first, then read the PDF. So glad I did it this way! I feel like I'm halfway decent in LR and PS, at least for my level of experience. Even so, I was fascinated with Jen's editing process and techniques, and I was all excited to go see if I could do it just like her -- which I absolutely will do. BUT then I read Jen's PDF -- I expected it to be a recap of the technical tips for those of us (me) who learn better by reading than by watching. And it did have that. But I was really taken by Jen's honest reflections on her struggles with developing her own approach to shooting and editing and dealing with anxiety over expressing her own flavor of creative energy, which looks different than her mentors. Loved it. Because, same! I have learned so so much from Meg Loeks, Jamie Rubeis and many others here, but I find myself trying so hard to emulate (read: copy) and feel crappy when I clearly fall short. I have found I LOVE the editing part, the shooting part -- well, I get super impatient and (honestly) bored. Anyway, I feel like Jen's encouragement to spend time developing your own voice and appreciating your own interests and skills is a version of the same advice I've gotten from women professionally (sadly photography is not my day job) and personally. And the older I get, the more I listen. And, Jen -- your images are beautiful and your girls are lovely!

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    This breakout is one of the best!!

    Posted by tricia suarez on 6th Aug 2020

    o many amazing little tips on editing. I love jen’s teaching style and her obvious passion for what she does. Thank you so much!! I have to watch all of the videos again, there is so much information packed in here.

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    This is one of the best breakouts I have purchased!

    Posted by Cathy Logue on 6th Aug 2020

    Each video was so full of great information. I definitely will be incorporating what I have used in my workflow. Several of these tips are real time savers. I would definitely recommend this course to photographers of all levels!

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    Jen gives so many awesome tips and tricks in this breakout!

    Posted by Megan Arndt on 6th Aug 2020

    If you are looking to learn some new ways to transform your images in Photoshop and make them go from average to wow, this is an awesome breakout to give you those tools!

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    This is a lovely breakout, and Jen is a master at editing.

    Posted by Jenny Rosenbring on 6th Aug 2020

    I consider myself to be pretty familiar with PS, but Jen taught me so much in this breakout! It is also full of good ideas and tips. I would highly recommend it!

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    Jen is a PS wizard.

    Posted by Angela Faries on 6th Aug 2020

    This was simply amazing. Thank you for a breakout like this one. I loved it.