Teenology: A Guide to Photographing Tweens & Teens with Ardelle Neubert, Dana Leigh & Rachel Nielsen

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Learn how to connect and creatively photograph tweens and teens!

You’ll get practical, easy to apply tips and techniques from three photographers who are experts in working with teens & tweens. Whether you photograph your own kids or clients, boys or girls, portrait, lifestyle, or candid – we’ve got you covered with kids aged 8-18. You’ll learn to pose, prompt, and style teens and tweens to tell their stories & capture creative images they will love. Learn prompts & poses that work, and discover creative techniques to use light, the environment, and more to create confident, compelling photos they’ll really love. Rachel, Dana & Ardelle take you behind the scenes in an exclusive eBook and five videos! Gain techniques for creating genuine connections, and learn new methods for taking a collaborative approach with tween and teen subjects.

what you’ll get:


An eBook filled with in-depth information about photographing teens and tweens. From styling to posing and more, you'll go behind the scenes with the three presenters!

  • 5 Videos covering posing, editing, and creative tips!

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about your presenters

Ardelle Neubert is a Canadian award winning published photographer, mentor and photography instructor.  She is drawn to capture environmental portraiture, fine art, and documentary imagery.  Her work is described as unique, creative, clean, and meaningful.

Rachel Nielsen is a full-time wedding, elopement, and family photographer based in Salt Lake City, Utah. She is married to her best friend, a mama to five (3 teens and 2 tweens), obsessed with light, and can be easily bribed with a diet Mt Dew.

Dana Leigh is an artist from Portland, Oregon that is inspired by emotion and beautiful light. She is a Click Pro, Clickin Moms mentor, writer, photography educator and co-creator of Light Chasers Retreat. A wife and mother of 5 children, she specializes in portrait and fine art photography.

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  • 5
    Super helpful!

    Posted by Tracey Richvalsky on 14th May 2021

    This breakout is full of great information and tips! Since my kids are older (almost 12 and 15), I have felt for a while that taking their portraits has been more of a chore or something to check off my to-do list. But after taking this breakout, I'm so looking forward to our next portrait session and trying out the tips and ideas presented here! Thank you so much!! ☺️

  • 5
    A Must For Parents Of Teens!

    Posted by Jen Bilodeau on 18th Dec 2020

    This class is a must of parents of teens or for those who photograph other people's teens! Dana, Ardelle and Rachel have mastered the art of photographing older children and then hold nothing back! It is so inspiring to watch them work their magic and the posing prompts included in the PDF are so helpful. This class beautifully illustrates the artistic possibilities that await when you involve your teen in the creative process - leading to images and memories you will both savor!

  • 5

    Posted by Linsey Davis on 8th Dec 2020

    Raising teens is hard... taking photos of teens is harder!! This breakout is loaded with inspiration and information! Ardelle, Dana, & Rachel are wonderful teachers.

  • 5
    Teens are so much fun but I struggle to find creative ways to photograph them.

    Posted by DanaN on 3rd Dec 2020

    This breakout contained so much information about getting your teen involved in the photo shoot, lighting, posing, vision, and connection. I took some pictures of my daughter today and I implemented many of the techniques. And my daughter commented that she had fun! Now that’s a first :) Thank you Dana, Ardelle, and Rachel!!!

  • 5
    I am soaking up all this content!!

    Posted by Lindsay Messick on 3rd Dec 2020

    !! I feel like a sponge!! I have taken tons of notes and immediately put into pracitce some of the very detailed ideas for posing. I love the videos and the immediate suggestions to help relax my tween and capture natural poses. Our instructors Dana, Rachel and Ardelle are very engaged and answer questions quickly with detailed reponses! This is my first clickphoto workshop and I am super impressed. But mostly, I am inspired. So, thank you!

  • 5
    My kids are 8 and under, so I don’t have a ton of experience photographing tweens and teens on a regular basis.

    Posted by Jamie Eilts on 3rd Dec 2020

    When I have friends or clients with tweens or teens that I am photographing, I always feel very awkward with posing them and prompting them, and they end up looking uncomfortable a lot of the time. I’ve had the chance to dive into the materials for this breakout, and it is THE ANSWER for anyone who was feeling the same way that I was. I now feel equipped for creating shooting, prompting, etc. with this age group, and I can’t wait to try out some of the tips and tricks that I have learned!! THANK YOU to the instructors for putting together such a great breakout to help us better photograph this age group!!

  • 5
    As a Mom of three teenagers and a high school senior photographer I was excited when I saw this breakout.

    Posted by Melissa McCann on 3rd Dec 2020

    It has exceeded my expectations with tips on posing, communicating, lighting, and even some super incredible creativity ideas. I am excited to try out all I have learned. I highly recommend this breakout. It is money well spent! A real bargain for a wealth of information. The instructors are each incredible.

  • 5
    I am just beginning to dive into this breakout and have already changed the way I capture my teen boy.

    Posted by Dallas Denoo on 3rd Dec 2020

    We have conversations as to why I want to capture his moments and allow him to help me come up with a vision. He was usually pretty good with getting in front of my camera, but has been not so happy about lately…until now. Just a few days in and I can see a difference already! I am also anxious to apply all these techniques and posing suggestions when I start up senior sessions this summer! Such a wonderful deal for this incredible breakout!

  • 5
    This breakout, taught by three artists I’ve admired for a long time,

    Posted by Terrilynn Bleile on 3rd Dec 2020

    has been a game changer in photographing my not-so-cooperative-in-front-of-the-camera tween boys. I’ve learned the importance of collaborating with my preteens before a photo session and now I’m capturing more authentic and pleasing images of them than ever before. I’m also enjoying these sessions more, not only because the photos are turning out better but because my boys are not complaining about doing them. A win-win! Posing guides are included in the PDF as well as in the shooting videos and they are so very helpful. Additionally, this breakout includes shooting videos that demonstrate creative ways to produce unique and beautiful effects in your images. In addition to trying these techniques with my boys, I shared them with my teenage niece and she is excited to try them out with me too. I loved watching the instructors edit and learned new tips to fine tune my editing skills.This is a FANTASTIC breakout that has given me renewed enthusiasm in taking photos of pre teens and teens! I highly recommend it!