The Art of Seeing with Saranya Padmanaban

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Discover the 4 Step Process for creating photos that tell stories & capture the beauty all around you.

Feeling stuck in the same space, with the same subjects? Learn how evaluating specific elements will change the way you take photos. Go on a journey around your world with Saranya and discover stories and beauty that you’ve never noticed before.  Discover ways to use your environment, light, colors, and subject to create captivating photographs. Find out how to let your subject lead you to the stories you want to tell.  Saranya will show you how to evaluate light and exactly how to use different types of light to your advantage. You’ll see her shoot in various types of light – including how she captures beautiful blue hour-long exposure photos. You will be able to watch Saranya edit her images for impact!

what you’ll get:


An ebook filled with in-depth information on learning to see the world around you! Use light, colors, beauty, locations, people, and more to create images with impact!


Go behind the scenes with Saranya in five shooting and five editing videos!

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Saranya Padmanaban is a light seeker, traveler, and a mamarazzi. She loves cooking, reading fiction, and listening to music. She was born and raised in India and has lived in five countries and six different cities in the past 10 years. One of her favorite activities is exploring with her family. Travelling is her passion and photography helps her do it in a creative way. Photography has helped her nurture her creative side!

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    Inspiring breakout!

    Posted by Tracey on 7th Apr 2021

    This breakout has so much wonderful information. Saranya's examples of how she creates multiple images at a single location is very helpful. It is also very helpful watching her editing videos. Thanks for such a great class!

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    Amazing Teacher

    Posted by Menaga Ravi on 24th Jan 2021

    Saranya is one of the best teachers, I've seen. she has shared so much in her breakout, that is very useful for both beginners and advanced photographers. She has inspired me in so many ways in her breakout. Her knowledge on using natural light is splendid. She also shares in-depth use of natural light in many ways. I'd highly recommend Saranya's breakout.

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    Saranya has always been an open book, if ever ask her for help or suggestion even before this BO

    Posted by Manisha on 13th Oct 2020

    – she always gets back with support and feedback, and this BO shows it all! I had been wanting for this break out with so much anticipation! Saranya has poured her heart and endless amount of hours in this BO. She is so thorough from putting down her gear choice, thinking process, explanations of her technical approach, to executing what comes along the way and taking it along from there. I love how she does not categorize herself into a set genre of photography but explores all with genuine interest and love to evolve out of it!. Great reminders in this BO how learning and evolving in photography is an ongoing journey that beholds its own beauty as the path unfolds. There is something to learn from each section of the PDF – to develop an eye for looking at seeing the world in forms light, vibrant colors, beauty, location, and people that makes the observations process intentional as well as open ended. Saranya unfolds how she captures the magic in her grand storytelling captures of golden light, intense sun flares, amazing night photography, and blur motions! I like how she captures the scene at a new location first and frames her composition. She walks you through her thinking process in such refined ways, as if almost walking along on a photoshoot tour with her. Her approach that leads to one minute captures, where you don’t have much time to think but fire along are outstanding! Before even you think how a certain shot must have been taken, she explains all the nitty gritty details and story behind that capture! If you haven’t been able to travel outside of wherever you are this year, this BO takes will take you on a journey of some mesmerizing locations! Wherever you are in your photography journey, this BO is totally worth getting, and will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and explore something new. Her amazing long exposure captures are motivating me to step out and try some night photography which I have not explored much at all!

  • 5
    One thing that stands out to me in this BO is not to be afraid to try new things.

    Posted by Shilpa on 13th Oct 2020

    From shooting the night sky, finding stories on the street, experimenting with camera techniques,to editing an image to bring out its full potential, you’ll get it all. What drew me to this is the variety of subjects and her approach to them. She breaks down her though process, her why and what works and shows how to come away with bold vibrant photos in practically any situation. The editing videos are to the point and concise and I enjoyed watching them. Saranya is a wonderful teacher. The PDF is broken down neatly into segments and crammed with so much useful information that I will take keep going back to it again and again.

  • 5
    When Saranya announced her breakout, I was sure it was going to be amazing!

    Posted by Lakshmi Mahalingam on 13th Oct 2020

    I know she is an open book and she will go above and beyond to help others. She didn’t disappoint. Her pdf is filled with so much information and I love how she has included every minute details that are essential for taking a great photograph. After reading the pdf, I realized how thorough she is in her explanation. She explains her thought process of creating an art from start to finish. She is a queen of colors and backlight! Loved seeing how her images are coming to life. I learnt so much from this breakout and I can’t wait to put those into practice! Do not miss this breakout. Highly recommend it

  • 5
    Saranya is such a wonderful storyteller so I knew I’d love seeing the world come to life both through her eyes and through hearing her thought processes.

    Posted by Kirsty Larmour on 13th Oct 2020

    This Break Out is filled with her beautiful imagery to inspire and guide us to make our own magic. There are several shooting videos which then lead to follow up videos showing how she edited some of the images she was seen capturing. They make you feel as if Saranya is sitting right next to you, talking with her lovely lilting tones and guiding you through her whole creative and technical process from camera setup to wonderfully executed image. I loved that she showcased a variety of different image types. The Break Out will appeal whether you love travel or nature photography, or photographing your kids at home. She literally captures any and everywhere and is brilliantly unafraid of trying new things. For me the main PDF is the star of the show. It is so rich in imagery and her signature bright tones and incredible starbursts which just showcase so much beauty. She is thorough in her descriptions and processes and leads you by the hand as she creates. And she takes you around the world on a visual journey, and well as reassuringly telling the story of her own photography journey. There is also a fabulous complementary PDF on shooting many images within the same spot and her variety of compositions is inspiring. I loved seeing all the different images she’s taken at home within the vicinity of just one window, and how the light changes and how she mixes things up through the seasons and with different techniques and lenses. Honestly, I can’t recommend the Break Out enough – Saranya consistently inspires throughout it and makes you feel brave about new approaches to your own photography too.

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