The Family Photographer with Twyla Jones, Chloe Ramirez & Mickie DeVries

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Learn to photograph families and children beautifully!

Go behind the scenes with three photographers as they capture families and children. You’ll learn tried and true techniques to pose, prompt, and elicit natural reactions from families and children– even your own! 

what you’ll get:


A guide to the Breakout videos and a set of cards with Chloe, Mickie, and Twyla's best tips for photographing children and families


A series of Shooting Videos that allow you to watch the presenters working on-site with real families and children to create beautiful images


A series of screencasts from Twyla, Chloe and Mickie where you will learn all of their secrets, tips and tricks for photographing families and children


Question and Answer Video with Chloe, Twyla & Mickie recorded from the live breakout.

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about your presenters

This is a group Breakout featuring the work of three presenters: Twyla Jones, Chloe Ramirez & Mickie DeVries.

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    i’ve purchased a lot of breakouts over the years and this by far is one of my favorites!!!

    Posted by Courtney Meyer on 19th Oct 2020

    And i’m not even through all the material yet! Watching the videos of these amazing photographers at their client sessions is invaluable. So many times i’ve thought to myself, wouldn’t it be awesome to have a click in moms pro at one of my sessions, guising and coaching me… well this is the next best thing! Just watching how they prompt and interact with their clients and how that turns into their stunning images is so helpful for any photographer to see. Highly recommend this breakout!!!

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    After 10 years of shooting families, this workshops has opened my eyes and brought fresh perspective.

    Posted by Julie Pagano on 19th Oct 2020

    I feel so reinvigorated to try the strategies that Mickie, Twyla and Chole present in this series. The best investment in my photography I have made all year!

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    This breakout is soooo helpful, especially if you just starting out and you need mentors!

    Posted by Valerie Shively on 19th Oct 2020

    Chloe, Mickie and Twyla are each incredible photographers with totally different styles, so the information runs the gamut regarding prompts, settings, style priorities. I loved this and it helped me figure out a little more of what style I am while also giving me loads of tech information. I highly recommend this breakout to anyone who feels a little lost in the family photography world but also to anyone looking for guidance in the technical aspect of things.

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    Whether you are looking to improve as a professional family photographer

    Posted by Kristen Davidson on 15th Nov 2019

    or you just want to take more connected and emotive pictures of your own kids, this breakout is for you! These three instructors are different enough that they cover a wide variety of environments, shooting styles, and interactions; but the thread they have in common is showing the connection between people and capturing emotion throughout a session. They go into the how’s and why’s for so many different sessions they’ve done. The videos they’ve shared really help you get into the mind of these talented photographers, and I think there are valuable takeaways for any photographer, regardless of whether or not you are in business (I am not)!

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    This is my third click school breakout and, wow, what a treat this one has been!

    Posted by Kristin Vucina on 15th Nov 2019

    November is such a busy month for photographers, but I knew as soon as I saw these three wonderfully talented photographers and teachers (who’ve I’ve followed for quite some time) in one breakout, I had to join! All I can say is that this is a MUST DO breakout for any photographer looking to capture more genuine connections. I love the video format of this breakout and hearing the instructors talk through their thought process on how they went about capturing the image and made the family relax and be more connected. All three instructors are incredible and you learn new techniques with each that you can easily apply to your own photography. This is a complete bargain for the level and amount of material provided in this breakout! I’m so happy I took some breaks from all the fall editing to learn something new that I can apply to my upcoming sessions!